Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's just an observation, really.

Has anyone else noticed how the people who are prepared to go totally, fucking, batshit, screeching crazy if their annual income over $250,000 gets taxed a bit more are the same ones who are quite convinced that raising the minimum wage ever so slightly would be a very, very, very bad thing for the economy?

It's just an observation. Really.


liberal supporter said...

Usually at some point they call for a flat tax. Of course they really mean flat rate tax. Everyone pays the same rate. I argued with the great "Hunter" on this. Though it is a flat rate, since some pay more, it is still socialism, and we all know socialism=communism.

So I suggested a real flat tax. Flat number of dollars. One person, one tax. Simple no? About $7121 per person. I don't think she liked the idea of paying her real equal share.

Hunter continued to defend flat tax while claiming it is not redistributing income, even though some pay more so others can pay less. I called her a commie for that and the deletions began!


Dharma Satya said...

Oh my.

It is simply amazing how ignorant the average person is in regards to the laws applicable to themselves.

If you are required to pay taxes wouldn't it make sense to understand at least the very basics of the regulations that would apply to you? (You can even look them up on the internet, in plain English, on the CRA or IRS websites!)

It reminds me of the idiots who have been fired for cause and think they "deserve" or "have a right to collect" EI.

The stupid burns.

Southern Quebec said...

Have you noticed that all these people 'making' $250k can't spell. hahahahah

mikmik said...

Hey, higher taxes on 250k+ earners ARE bad for the economy. Their economy.

KEvron said...

"I called her a commie for that and the deletions began!"