Monday, March 02, 2009

I am going to get in SUCH shit for this.

Shorter Stephen Harper: "Dear Ms. Watkins: Fuck you and your grief."

(I had no plans on bringing up that memory but since the Rev. thought it worth mentioning, I figured it was worth a link.)

: Let's be clear about what just happened here. The reason I took such umbrage with the aforementioned Ms. Watkins so long ago was her attitude of, "Now that my son is dead, it's necessary for other peoples' sons to die as well so I can feel good about it." And here's where the fun starts.

You see, it's not that Harper has finally twigged to the fact that Afghanistan is unwinnable and that he's not going to throw more lives at it. That in itself would be bad enough and would be a resounding slap in Ms. Watkins' face. Oh, no, let's look at Stephen's actual words:

"Frankly, we are not going to ever defeat the insurgency," Harper said in an interview that aired Sunday on CNN. "My reading of Afghanistan history is that's it's probably had an insurgency forever of some kind."

Note well that that revealing admission doesn't just represent the scales falling from the eyes recently. Fuck, no, it admits to a historical lesson that Harper is admitting should have been obvious from the very beginning. In short, Harper is plainly admitting that Afghanistan was doomed to failure from the beginning, which implies that all of those Canadian lives were tossed away for the sake of Stephen Harper's posturing and strutting on the world stage.

At least I had the decency to restrict my ire to one person. Harper, on the other hand, just told the mothers of all those dead Canadian soldiers that their kids died for nothing, and he knew it was going to be like that all along.

I await the Blogging Tories and their newfound anger. Directed at the right person this time.

CLARIFICATION: Obviously, Harper isn't responsible for the lives that were lost before he was elected. But he can certainly be held accountable for what happened after that.

OH, MY: Shorter Blogging Tory and Keyboard Commando "Papa" Junker: "It's a military necessity that other peoples' kids died so that mine probably won't."


Dave said...

The title of the post may have saved you... but I'd put that cone over your head anyway, just in case there's some incoming turds.

Dave said...

Oh My: Yeah I caught that whiff too. He really is quite stunning, isn't he?

Zorpheous said...

I would expect to much flack from the URQ's after all they have too busy punching air about how it is absolutely necessary for us to win in Afganistan,... they will just ignore what Harper said and continue on,...

Life is very easy when you choose to ignore reality,...

Ti-Guy said...

"It's a military necessity that other peoples' kids died so that mine probably won't."

There are different types of military conflicts, Papa, you drunken idiot.

Mike said...

Well, that ought to excite an otherwise dull Monday...Neo ought to be here in a second.

CC said...

Quite so, Mike ... and who wants to bet that every single Blogging Tory who once staunchly defended "the mission" and its extension will have had a sudden conversion: "Well, of course we can't win in Afghanistan, any student of history knows that! Man, you leftards are so stoopid."

Yeah, I think it's gonna go something like that. I'll give you odds.

Dave said...

"Well, of course we can't win in Afghanistan, any student of history knows that! Man, you leftards are so stoopid."

Heh! It's already happened over at TGB in comments. Papa Junker, of course.

Kelseigh said...

Fat Steve may not be completely responsible for deaths before he was (minority) elected, but doesn't he bear some blame for any cheerleading he did before, and any votes he may have taken part in that took us to war and kept us there? I wouldn't say he's completely blameless there.

sooey said...

Gosh, Rick Hillier must be rolling over in his grave.

Dee said...

I think everyone is missing the point of this 'revelation'.

Ask yourselves who the audience was? CNN? Why did he make such an admission after Obama announced he was sending more troops in?

Also, what is this going to do to military morale? What is it going to do for the morale of the militants?

This is nothing more than giving the msm something to groan and moan while trying to undermine the politics to the south of us. A ruse.


Dave said...

Gosh, Rick Hillier must be rolling over in his grave.

Damn, I guess so! Especially since it would mean he was buried alive.


Red Tory said...

I can assure you that taking casualties has forced the Canadian public and the CF bureaucracy to propel the CF into the modern age.

Pity we can't add one more to that total.

Paradrop Old Man Junker and his motorscooter into the darkest heart of Taliban held territory.

the rev. paperboy said...

CC, sorry if I dragged you back into the wankosphere's crosshairs by raising the Wanda Watkins thing but I figured if they were gonna scream for the head of an annonymous blogger for pointing out the obvious illogic of saying Canada should stay in Afghanistan because some of our soldiers had already died there, then maybe having the Prime Minister say the same thing after waiting a year might tip them to direct their anger in the appropriate direction. After all, the only thing a blogger can do when confronted by a statement as blatantly illogical as Ms. Watkins is write about how it doesn't make sense to throw away more soldiers lives in a fight we don't think we can win. Steverino on the other hand could have actually done something about it.