Wednesday, March 11, 2009



My favourite line: "This is an opportunity to position ourselves to be among the first to go forward when the economy is restored." Harper’s into the "we can use this recession to our advantage" portion of his address — which would be fine if he’d deployed even a single word to describe, relate to or empathize with the plight of the many thousands of Canadians behind the grim statistics. If he were any more tone deaf he’d be wearing a T-shirt reading, "Recessions Rock!" This is a guy who’d show up at an airplane crash and talk about amazing it is the black box doesn’t have a dent on it.


CC said...

"Yeah, John, it's tough about your entire family dying in that plane crash. But on the bright side, you have more space to put in that media room you've been talking about, right?"

thwap said...

The man is clearly psychopathic.

Frank Frink said...

thwap, I believe the word might be sociopathic although they both fit.