Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goodyear ... Goodyear ... oh, THAT Gary Goodyear.

OK, this is a little strange:

OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper ventured into the lion's den Monday, defending his government's record on science funding before some of the country's top researchers.

He emerged without a scratch.

Indeed, he actually basked in praise for Gary Goodyear, his minister of state for science and technology.

That would be this Gary Goodyear. He gets paid for his scientific "expertise." His shrieking temper tantrums are a bonus at no extra charge.

BONUS TRACK: Oh, dear God. Is it too early to say I'm embarrassed to be Canadian right about now?

PHARYNGULA'ED! Yes, that laughter you hear is coming from down south now.


Mark Francis said...

Ever read The Onion's report of the new Christian theory to replace the Theory of Gravity? "Intelligent Falling" they called it.... LOL

sassy said...

Mark - Intelligent Falling - hehe

David said...

I was willing to overlook his crackpot 'sciencey' background in chiropracty, but this is too much. Is it possible for Harper et al. to show any MORE contempt for science?

sooey said...

I've been embarrassed to be Canadian since... Trudeau left office.

Cameron Campbell said...

Oh dear, Margaret Summerville has piped up now: