Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bye bye, GOP.

Two simple observations:

It's different in Canada. We have totally different ignorant conservative douchebags running things.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Over at TPM, they're talking about Rush-related hang time. And as JJ pointed out, right-wing suckup David Frum can't even get to the end of an op-ed piece before he resumes softly stroking Rush's massive wang. That's a hang time of, what, David? About two minutes?


Ti-Guy said...

Fucking Frum...Canadian writing in a Canadian national newspaper talking about Republicans as "our party" and conservatism as "movement."

Go away, please. Just go away forever.

CanWest hit 25 cents today.

jj said...

LOL, "Hang time", that's awesome.

sooey said...

Wasn't he fired by the Bush administration?