Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bring it on, doughboy.

Fox News finds the Canadian military ... amusing:

Yeah, dude, you just keep talkin' that smack, cuz after our fighting men and women get back, and unpack, and chill, and kick back, and take a year off ... we are so gonna be ready to kick your ass.

We'll get back to you to set a time, OK?

(Wag of the tail to e-mailer JT.)


mikmik said...

Shut off the oil.

Anyways, this group only enhances the stereotype of ignorant americans, even though it is spoof. FOX viewers want to know.

What I usually say to rednecks and ultra-US nationals, "Shut up and go protect us, ya pigeon. Yeah, shut up and do your self proclaimed job and quit your goddamned whining ya fucking stupid prick. Go suit up and do your duty, protect your allies so you can pretend to be as civilized and intelligent as the ones you 'protect', fuckhead.
I used to pretend to be friends with the biggest bullies in grade school and had them eating out of my hands. In fact, I never had to get my hands dirty!

That usually shuts them up.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand the dumbing down of America. It was to ensure a constant supply of idiots for the camera.
It still makes me wonder if people like this believe what they are saying or understand they won't get on TV otherwise and have no scruples.
Which is worse?
peter g

Ti-Guy said...

I just think they've become too unread to be exposed to enough material to provide them with substance for real comedy, so all they've got left is the sneering and the attitude. These people genuinely think they're being funny. And just wait...if there's any reaction to the outrage Canadians feel over this, it'll be more sneer and conceit that suggests we can't take a joke or are too stupid to get the humour.

*sigh* Too bad 9/11 didn't wipe them all out altogether.

sooey said...

Omigoodness, Ti-Guy - are you TRYING to give the Mrs. Grundys of the Internet the vapours?!

Ti-Guy said...

If the Grundy's aren't all dead by now, they should be. It's not like anyone has to invent reasons to be outraged...not with America still around.

The Seer said...

Dear peter g

No, you do not understand the dumbing down of America.

It was to ensure a constant supply of idiots for the infantry.

Cameron Campbell said...

Holy fuck, their generals have been saying exactly the same fucking thing about their army...

God I hate stupid xenophobes.

Cliff said...

"And the White House burned, burned burned, and we're the ones who did it.' -The War of 1812