Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Because you still have to keep the wingnuts happy.

Self-proclaimed "scientist" Stephen Taylor pulls out his dog whistle:

Barack Obama rightly advances scientific research, it’s the moral elitism which is offensive

Yesterday, President Barack Obama reversed the Bush administration’s ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. For many in the scientific community, this means increased funding for their projects and to patients it means hope for more cures for terrible diseases and ailments. I believe that the selective withholding of federal funds from this area of research was done for political reasons to satisfy a certain “moral” base of voters. Because of this, I’ve been cynical of Bush’s decision; it was public policy made on a sort of moral elitism...

While I share the victory and cautiously applaud Obama’s announcement, I sympathize with those who hold strong and fundamental views against this sort of research done in their name. Issues of life that intersect with public policy never produce perfect victories for everyone nor for either side individually.

No, no, no, Stephen, too wordy. Here, let me tighten that up for you:

While I applaud the actual science, I will still publicly sympathize with the ignorant, know-nothing, Bible-whomping, flat-earth, fetus-fetishizing yahoos that are upset by this, because I'm not so stupid that I don't recognize my base.

Yeah, that's better. That's tight.

UH OH ... Apparently, there's some dissension in the Blogging Tory ranks. Stephen might want to have a chat with Patrick. That kind of public disagreement is just ugly, don't you think?

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