Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Because I like causing trouble, that's why.

Canadian IDiot Denyse O'Leary is, well, an idiot. PZ says so.

Smackdown by proxy. Saves time.

DEAR PHARYNGULOIDS: Sorry, nothing really original here today. Pop back in a day or two, I'll see what I can do.

AFTERSNARK: Perhaps the funniest part of Denyse's dumbassitude is her re-interpretation of evolutionary biology as applied to the (allegedly) static octopus:

As a handy guide for the lay reader: In a great many cases, "new finds help us understand the way these animals evolved" is jargon for "new finds demonstrate that these animals didn't really evolve. They strutted around on the stage of life in a more or less consistent form and then disappeared."

We still await the science theory that sheds light on this, and it isn't Darwin's.

Quite so, Denyse -- because what we might have here are two total mysteries:

  • Things might not evolve for a while.

  • Things might just up and disappear.

Yeah, I'm sure Darwin never considered either of those possibilities.

Lord, what a screeching twit.


liberal supporter said...

I thought the strange animals of Australia was the evidence that evolution doesn't happen everywhere at the same pace at the same time. Given similar constraints, the solutions will be similar, so the octopus could evolve in a similar form more than once.

Plus a successful organism will tend to select for staying the same, and mutations will not get a foothold. Until the environment changes.

Scruffy Dan said...

Isn't she Catholic? I think she is, which then begs the question, why doesn't she accept evolution when even the god-damned pope accepts it!

Why does she hate the pope?

J said...

"...the periods during which
species have undergone modification, though long as measured by years, have
probably been short in comparison with the periods during which they
retained the same form." Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species, 6th edition

Zorpheous said...

Actually the cephelopod that PZ showed has about as much in common with modern cephelopods as I do a rat. Rat has 4 limbs and head, I have four limbs and a head, therefore I am a rat. Intellincunt Design theory 101

Vronvron said...

Denyse O'Leary describes herself as a

"Toronto-based journalist; grandmother; Roman Catholic Christian"