Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You have the right to shut the hell up and take it.

Apparently, freedom of religion means the freedom to have someone else's religion inflicted on you.

In other news, I hear Christians are terribly, terribly persecuted. At least that's what I hear.


roblaw said...

That is so freaking offensive.. and I'm a conservative, big and small "c".. I actually got into it with a "intelligent design" freak last week.. and when he told me that "Jesus said to love your neighbor.. and how can you love someone if you don't convince them of the need for Jesus in their life.."

My response was.. "there's a special place in hell for those who use religion to manipulate and control others to see things "the right way". If you believe in hell.

Hence the reason I've spent time on these blogs.. I'm really getting sick of the idea that anyone should be imposing their views on others by force in one manner or the other..

..see my previous post re the whole U of C thing.. ie. my right to put a fire hose to people who push their views on others by harassing behavior - beyond putting up a sign and standing on a box and shouting..

deBeauxOs said...

Yes, feeling persecuted may be perhaps the whole point of being a self-righteous, whining christian.

Which goes a long towards explaining why they once held up Sainte Catherine as a model to girls.

Shannon said...

*sigh* I swear, more people fuck up the message of Jesus than get it even close to right.

Probably me included, as I sit here and judge them. :)

The Seer said...

CC, now you're catching on to the whole "freedom of speech/religion" thing. It's the freedom of the righteous — that's a nice North American term — to make the reprobates listen. Without the reprobates mocking them. Or using foul language. Because when you mock or swear at them, it means you are not taking them seriously. The righteous are deadly serious. Your mocking and swearing and contumacious refusal to take the righteous seriously amounts to persecution. Of Christians. You are as vile as the Romans who fed Christians to kitties. I personally hope you are saved before Stockwell Day declares martial law and sends you to the reeducation camp.

Southern Quebec said...

Seer: If Stockwell sends everyone who mocks the righteous Christians to reeducation camp, won't it be like Animal House? Parteeee.....