Monday, November 10, 2008

Yo, CM! Whassup?

Life as it be on Blogging Tory CM's planet:

The Left are the bigoted, prejudiced, discriminating haters. Not the right.

The Left are so quick to throw out names such as "bigot", "xenophobe", "homophobe", and "close minded" to those on the Right they disagree with. But if you judge people by their actions I would contend that the Left are the true bigots, xenophobes, and closeminded haters.

And then, sadly, there's reality:

Lesbian Couple Violently Assaulted In Front Of Children

A court date has been set for a violent attacker who assaulted a lesbian couple as they were picking up their children from elementary school in Oshawa. The attack, which bloodied one of the mothers, was witnessed by numerous children, including the assailant’s own son.

Jane Currie and Anji Dimitriou, the victims, described the attack to Capital Xtra and the Durham Region:

[The attacker] said to Anji, “Which of you two men spoke to my kid? Fucking dyke lesbians.” I jumped out and just as I came around he spit right in her face. She wiped the spit off and he punched her in the face and hit her again in the back of the head.

I said to him, “you asshole what are you doing? You just beat a woman” then bang I got it.

Mark Scott’s violent assault left both parents with black eyes, and one with four stitches. Eyewitnesses confirmed that the attack was unprovoked, and likely a hate crime.

Fucking lesbians ... being all lesbian and everything in public. Dontcha just hate it when that happens?


thwap said...

Another stupid putz whining about the backlash from taking away people's rights.

Accept the consequences of your actions moron.

I'm okay with conservatives marrying. But they should consent to be sterilized first.

Mike said...

I wonder what Biebs would do if one of those lesbians pulled out a hand gun and shot Mark Scott between the eyes? I mean self-defense right, in the midst of an assault. It is the argument against gun control.

Would Biebs be congratulating them for ignoring Canada's gun laws and using lethal force to protect themselves from a violent crime?

Or does that only count when it people Biebs likes?

I hope lesbians and gays start arming themselves and fighting back, if only to give mouth breather's like Biebs fits of confusion...

Romantic Heretic said...

(Takes a moment to compose himself)


I guess I'm one of those 'hating Lefties' then. Because if anyone does that to any person in front of kids there will be blood on the stones.


KEvron said...

"Did you ever stop to think that the majority actually have the right to determine what 'normal' is"

the right in a wingnut shell.


wv = "mandess"

"if this is mandess, then i know i'm filled with mandess...."

Dr.Dawg said...

Thanks for the pointer. Due attribution, etc.

wv= "lizea": Kathy Shaidle's new nick.

Dr.Dawg said...

And thanks for the link notice too.

wv= "strumbi"

Zorpheous said...

So has the blogger Neo been all over this vicious and violent attack yet?

liberal supporter said...

No, and the retired cop who shot his realtor wife dead in Mississauga has been somehow missed as well, even though it was in the Sun