Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Vote To Rock!

Friends and neighbours, let me direct your attention to my good friends Daddy Long Legs. These cats play original jump blues and they've been kicking some righteous rears in this area for some time. Well it turns out that the rest of the country has started to take notice and they've been nominated for a Maple Blues Award as best new artists. Please take a moment to check out the videos below, then click the link and vote for them. They are certainly the underdogs in their category, being from K-W as opposed to Toronto, Vancouver or another capital city. The fact that they write all their own material also works against them in a market that's been trained to want to hear yet another version of Mustang Sally. And if you see their name on a poster near you, get your arse out your chair and go see 'em, you will not be disappointed.


CC said...

Is Denyse O'Leary a nominee? I'd vote for Denyse if she was a nominee.

psa said...

blues cc, not boobs. denyse is a boob, these guys play blues.

Beijing York said...

Waiting for my registration confirmation so I can vote. Hope they do well.