Sunday, November 23, 2008

There's stupid, and there's Blogging Tory stupid.

BT "The Surly Beaver" takes reality out to the back yard and feeds it through a turkey degibletizer:

Here's a thought, SB -- I'm fairly sure that someone who has never heard of Stradivarius and has no clue how to spell it wouldn't be playing us like one. Luckily, commenter Bob pipes up to clarify the situation:

I like watching Palin like a I watch NAscar. I just wait for the wrecks. She is a clown.

Sadly, poor Bob trying to explain this to SB and his adoring readers is just casting pearls before swine. Or giblets before turkeys. Whatever works for you.

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Father Shaggy said...

Maybe I miscounted, but I only get 50 states. Plus Puerto Rico.