Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slow news day ...

... at the Dead Jew Cafe.


M@ said...

That awful, awful Franken man is just so unfair -- challenging ballots like that! Norm Coleman, who is a Good Man and a Christian, would NEVER... oh.

Coleman has thus far challenged 115 ballots and Franken 106.

It's not that I expect the commenters at Kate's place to actually know anything about, well, anything. I'm just continually amazed at how they get so angry without any idea what they're talking about. I get pretty near to exhaustion just getting angry about things that are actually true.

Dr.Dawg said...

This comment should go in an update. Total smackdown.

wv= "despin"

Red Tory said...

The hate-on for Franken is palpable.

Loved this comment from "Mike":

The fix is in anyway. They found some lost ballots in the trunk of a car and when counted there wasn't one vote for Coleman. Not one. Now come on. Something about a law of averages!!!

A story that's not only been debunked but admitted to being false by the person that was originally purporting it. And yet the LIE persists in SDA-World.