Sunday, November 16, 2008

Simple answers to simple questions.

Blogging Tory and endless scold Joanne plaintively asks: "What’s behind the anti-Palin movement?"

A devilish need to point out Caribou Barbie’s mouth-breathing, fetus-humping, race-baiting, bible-thumping idiocy.

You're welcome, I'm sure.


Ti-Guy said...

Oh, Joanne...

And let’s hope we see her running again - This time crashing the old boys’ club for real change, as America’s first female President.

She's whatever the men...are telling her and she's claiming Sarah Palin is a threat to the old boy's club?

Conservatives don't get any smarter than Joanne.

CC said...

The level of stupid is really mind numbing, isn't it? These people are utterly incapable of recognizing or admitting that Sarah Palin was and is a total idiot -- a vacuous, inarticulate windbag of an intellectually vacant hillbilly whose only purpose in selection was to appeal to the Bible-whomping conservative base.

American progressives/liberals are not afraid of a Palin presidency run in 2012. Rather, they dream of such a thing. They absolutely salivate over the thought of the GOP putting Palin at the forefront of the Republican Party. The crushing would be spectacular.

God, it just wouldn't get any better than that, would it?

Southern Quebec said...

God, it just wouldn't get any better than that, would it?

It could actually. Imagine, if you can, the ticket of....Sarah Palin/Bobby Jindal.


Red Tory said...

Are we surprised that most of her readers LOVE Palin?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What a bunch of moronic buttplugs.

liberal supporter said...

They love Palin because she dishes out the sarcasm, belittlement of anyone who disagrees with her and sweetly lies through her teeth at will when questioned. Just like they all do.

Sarah, being very pretty, has been able to get away with bossing everyone else around all her life. Nobody wants to make the pretty girl cry, right?

Her fans are likely not as pretty so they would not get away with Sarah's behaviour in their own real lives. They would only get approval down market, kind of like Catherine McMillan does. Or at the bottom feeders market like Katherine Shaidle.

So they can only behave this way vicariously through watching Sarah, and of course through their blogs.

As you can see from the above, doing the "Hunter" style analysis is not too hard is it?

Red Tory said...

Not to mention the fact that there's no discordance with Palin's rabid pro-life stance, God-bothering social mores, and her simplistic "drill, drill, drill" approach to energy. Additionally, they're every bit as profoundly ignorant about foreign affairs as she is. So all in all, it's a perfect fit.

Ti-Guy said...

God, it just wouldn't get any better than that, would it?

I'd go easy on the salivating at that prospect, to tell you the truth. Almost half the American population voted the McCain/Palin ticket and the USA could be even more desperate in four years time (remember...the country's insolvent...many times over). And remember as well, they voted in Bush in 2004 after they had sufficient evidence to know, concretely, that he was a terrible choice. And looked what he's done to America? He finished it off.

Desperate people do unpredictable things.

If the "powers that be" are serious about loving America and saving it, they'll concentrate on outing Palin as a liar, a manipulator and an overall charlatan, rather than feed the bubbas more red meat by opening up another front in the cultural war.

Red Tory said...

I think it was pretty clear from last week's unimpressive media blitz that the GOP establishment isn't going to allow someone like Palin into the senior ranks. Even at that Governors' conference she wasn't elected to any positions of authority. Not to mention being given the hook at that laughably short "press conference" by Gov. Rick Perry. Most sensible Republicans realize that she's a complete embarrassment and just makes the party look foolish.

Ti-Guy said...

But what if she goes rogue...goes ROOOOGUE!1!

wv: "hator" Uncanny.

Reality Bites said...

I'm with Ti-guy on this. It's not like our parties, because of their primary system. If she can raise money - and I have little doubt that she can - and bring out the voters, she can take the nomination regardless of what the GOP establismnet wants.

Ti-Guy said...

By the way, when do the primaries start? Next week?

liberal supporter said...

They'll pick a VP for her that they think they can sell to the normal Republicans as someone who will help her with her geography, and the specifics of foreign policy. They'll pitch it as though she would be like the Queen, doing all the foreign meet and greets, but only running the country as an executive runs a board.

Her demagoguery will divide the nation, setting off riots and nobody will dare to tell her to reign in her mob. The fundies will think she is here to save us all from the evil Obama who they will try to liken to the Antichrist, even though he has not engaged in the demagoguery the Antichrist is said to engage in, nor would he fit that as claiming he will save everyone, and bring peace to us all, the way Sarah acts like she will.

Everything will be going fine, until some prominent Christian commentator points out that nowhere, nowhere in the Bible does it say that the Antichrist is a male.

But it would be too late. Sarah Palin would be the last President. After her would be this.

Red Tory said...

I wouldn't bet on Palin.

Mike said...

Its a crazy thread when Raph is the voice of moderation and reason.....

KEvron said...

"Raph is the voice of moderation"

i dunno about that:

"perhaps she’ll take these next two years to take a few courses, brush up on her basic political knowledge, perhaps even leave Alaska and become worldly."

"cult of personality" first, substance later.


mikmik said...

I don't see why Sarah "hockey mom" Palin doesn't get a break. It's not like she is some terrorist loving Muslim, like that cretin Obama.