Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The Americans are making fun of us again. I hate it when that happens.


Jeff said...

It's sad that he has a point.

Ti-Guy said...

The only point he has is that people who vote Conservative are idiots. We all know that, but unfortunately, we still have to let them vote.

I didn't know Goodyear was a quack (and yes, chiropracty and acupuncture are quackery). Makes sense...the few times I've seen him in committee, he's come off like a con-man.

I suggest mailing Goodyear rubber duckies. Quack, quack!

Red Tory said...

Thankfully, ministers are just useless figureheads.

Shannon said...

As someone who has benefitted ENORMOUSLY from chiropractic and acupuncture, I object to the assumption that he's a quack on those grounds. (I can walk again thanks to my chiropractor - 4 years of physiotherapy and massage didn't get me even close. And acupuncture, well, I won't go there unless ya really want to know, and ya really don't. :))

That being said, Harper's general decision making skills do tend to support the quack accusation.

I think that this line "worked as an advisor to investment firms in the biomedical industry" tells us more than the fact that he's a bone-cruncher. It's more big business, and since bio-med is where it's at these days, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon (as Don Cherry would say) to figure out where that appointment came from.

Ti-Guy said...

Aren't you always objecting to something, Shannon?

What was your diagnosed condition that was improved through chiropracty?

I noticed one of your blogs is about celiac. Do you have that?

Shannon said...

ti-guy: re: "always objecting" Does it really seem that way? Geez, I need to speak up with my approval more often then. :) FWIW, I don't think I was objecting in the other thread I was commenting on yesterday ( I know, 1 for 2 isn't a great score, but is it possible those are the ones you notice more? When I'm complaining? Either way, I'll definitely speak up more when I'm pleased. Wouldn't want random strangers on the internet to get the wrong impression of me! ;)

I do have Celiac Disease, though it hasn't been affected by chiropractic at all, and why would it? It's autoimmune.

I was injured twice in a row (details if you want 'em, but it's a long story). My back hurt like hell and swelled up rather badly. I took anti-inflammatories, and tylenol. When that didn't touch it, they bumped that up to a-i and percocet. Then a-i and a fentanyl patch. I couldn't walk properly, I couldn't pick up my kid. I couldn't sleep. By evening, I had to crawl up my stairs. I saw physiotherapists and massage therapists for years (until Campbell cut the funding and then I was fucked for several more years until my husband got a job with insurance). I had a wheelchair for bad days, and two canes for good days. One of my therapists suggested I try a chiropractor. Within 3 sessions, I'd dropped both canes. 2 years later, and I have no pain from those injuries unless I slip or fall and re-injure them slightly. I do have to go to the chiropractor about once a month to keep it that way.

Oh, and I'm pregnant now, so there's LOTS of pressure on my body. During my last one, I was in agony for about 6 months.

Anyway, I know some of them are nutbars, but I tried everything else with little to no help, and I'm long past placebo effect on this. I can't help but credit the chiropractor for this.

Still, I'm sure Goodyear is a douchebag. I mean, rightwingers and pro-birth assbaskets support him.