Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh, dear ... that's gonna leave a mark.

Over at Jordan's place, Jordan is getting a mite defensive about his welfare buddy Sean in the comments section. And that's when commenter David drops by with a MASSIVE towel snap to the nads.

David wins the thread.

! Shorter towel-snapped Jordan Alcock: "How dare you use my earlier words that welfare recipients are parasitic leeches on society to suggest that I think that welfare recipients are parasitic leeches on society."

Yeah, Jordan, I think closing that barn door is way too late.


Ti-Guy said...

Heh. It's so easy to get Jordan All-Cock worked up. I was scolded viciously for my one innocuous comment.

What a putz.

David said...

I suppose I should have been more civil. I did use a five-syllable word.

My bad.

KEvron said...

all-cock-and-no-action has switched off the comments. too much filth, i suppose. just as well; smells like ozone over there....


Ti-Guy said...

He wrote "abolishion." Gee, I thought he was another brainless pecker from UCC or Ridley. Maybe he was home schooled?

Filcher said...

Jordan Alcock Says:

November 24th, 2008 at 6:39 pm
I see the whole bottom-feeding, feces throwing CC crowd is here…

And not a worthwhile comment in the lot of em’

Who'd have thought.... there are so few feces throwing CC'ers

KEvron said...

"there are so few feces throwing CC'ers"

true, but we shit large.


David said...

It's hardly fair that I get equated with the Bottom-Feeding Feces Throwers before I get my CC approved BFFT badge and decoder ring (offer not valid in Qu├ębec).

I do so dislike being perceived as aspiring to be above my station.

Pearce Richards said...


Anyone who questions the logic and reasoning of the Blogging Tories (that oxymoron just gave me a bit of a headache) is a BFFTCCer.

No matter how sound your critique may be.

Somena Woman said...

I'm waiting for somebody from the Can-Con Blog world to mutter darkly...

"Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?"