Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's because I'm an evil prick, that's why.

Via Alison at Creekside, we learn of retarded douchebag Julie Morand of Passport Canada:

As Julie Morand of Passport Canada explained to her, "In fact … you should always be questioned since a name similar to yours appears to be on an American list."

So here's what I think we should all do. We should all write blog posts that contain the phrases "Julie Morand" and "suspected terrorist" and "al Qaeda" in close proximity to each other. Yeah, sort of like this one.

Then we should wait for Google to eventually kick in and start linking those phrases to one another, as Google is wont to do.

And, finally, we should wait patiently for the inevitable day when Ms. Morand tries to board a flight somewhere and is informed that, well, um, a net search seems to suggest that she has some connection to terrorism and would she please step out of the line for a few minutes and I'm sure we can clear this up in no time at all, someone will be with you shortly, thanks very much. Isn't that just a delightful idea?

Julie Morand. Terrorist. Al Qaeda.

Take it away, Google.

P.S. Richard Evans. Calgary. NAMBLA. See how that works?

UM ... KIDS?
You're supposed to be feeding Google on some of your blogs, not just in my comments section. Sheesh.


The Seer said...

I'm a brown nose.

Julie Morand. Terrorist. Al Qaeda.

Richard Evans. Calgary. NAMBLA

WV: cocalau We can call this "cocalauing."

Randy said...

Julie Morand" and "suspected terrorist" and "al Qaeda" in close proximity to each other. Yeah, sort of like this one.

The Doc said...

Are you aware, at CC headquarters, of Brazil's retaliation for the fingerprinting their citizens undergo at US airports?

Upon entering Brazil three queues are formed: Brazilian Citizens, Foreigners, and US citizens.

While the Brazilians and Foreigners are processed by several efficient officers, ALL US citizens are fingerprinted, and photographed slowly by a much lesser team of officers.

This includes the pilots and air-staff, as the Brazilians are also subjected to this sort of crap at the US border.


Julie Morand. Terrorist. Al Qaeda.

roblaw said... I posted in Galloping Beaver.. why is it that in Italy, where they have had serious issues with political violence in the past.. you can enter, pass back and forth through Slovenia.. and one question.."can I see your passport?"... in North America, you get the rubber glove treatment every time you come and go..

It's about fear. Fear = Control.

Everytime someone says to you.."be afraid" and "this is for your own good".. well, you should be afraid.. of the person asking you the question.

I know, as coming from the right.. on blogs like this I'm going to take my hits.. but isn't it about time, the right and left (the thinking right and left) started asking about any government telling us they "NEED" to do things for our own good?

Just a thought.

roblaw said...

Oh. And just so I'm not left out.

Timothy McVeigh. Julie Morand. Terrorist. Al Quaeda.

Romantic Heretic said...

Glad to help out.

Julie Morand. Terrorist. Al Qaeda.

Southern Quebec said...

It's the least I could do for a hard working "civil" servant.

Julie Morand. Terrorist. Al Qaeda.

liberal supporter said...

Shouldn't we be entering these phrases into google as search terms as well? You know how they are trying to track the progress of the flu by geographic mapping of searches for "flu symptoms" and "flu remedies"

So enter some searches for:

"Julie Morand" terrorism charges Sleeper "Julie Morand"
"Cover blown" "Julie Morand"
"Julie Morand" thwarted
"Julie Morand's Al Quaeda cell"

fern hill said...

I linked to this post, but it's not showing up. (*grrrr* It's not easy being Techno-Dolt.)

deBeauxOs said...

It is very strange. I did the linky thing too here but it's not showing up.

Beijing York said...

Damn, I wish I had more time to play.

Not only would I blog about:

Julie Morand. Terrorist. Al Qaeda.

I would do the same for every Harper cabinet member who still has a travel budget :-)

Dr.Dawg said...

As a former union guy from the same outfit as Julie Morand belongs to, my first question is--was she quoted correctly?

If, for example, the third-hand word "should" in the quotation was really "might," we would perhaps give this passport clerk kudos for letting the poor woman know the trouble she was in.

From Kick a Ginger Day to Kick a Low-level Munchkin Week.

Come on, you've all got better things to do. Sheesh.