Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is it just me ...

... or have the last few days just been made of awesome? Watching Big Daddy backtrack and squirm and lurch from failed talking point to failed talking point is absolute high comedy in this girl’s opinion.

And now the NDP are threatening legal action – who says Canadian politics is boring?


deBeauxOs said...

Admit it LuLu.

You followed the directions in my blog post about the Harper Voodoo Doll.

And now, as they say - the rest is history.

Are you using the sharp wooden skewers or the blunt rusty nails?

Dr.Dawg said...

Tomorrow: Day 4 of the Maple Syrup Revolution.

(Full marks to POGGE's skdadl for that one.)

And a little bird tells me there will be a massive rally on Thursday. You heard it from me first.

Mike said...

The Revolution has begun and I suspect, will be televised. And Posted. And twittered.

sooey said...

Global Nooze is claiming there is "voter outrage" to the Opposition's coalition plan.

I guess the media just makes shit up now when reality doesn't suit its ideology.

deBeauxOs said...

Imagine the scene:

Harper: Is this a MASSIVE rally I see before me or ... are you all just really happy to see me go?

(apologies to Wm Shakespeare and Mae West)

Dr.Dawg said...

Wake up! The revolution has already happened!

CC said...

The word of the day is "lurch."