Thursday, November 20, 2008

Generalize much?

Shorter Blogging Tory Christian Conservative: "It's incredibly convenient that a single individual doing something I consider silly can be used to represent the entire 'loony-leftie', 'loony left' 'left.' Fortunately, that sort of wide-sweeping generalization can't be applied to those of us on the Right, because that would be unfair."

Yeah ... lucky thing, that.

SUPER DOUBLE BONUS GOOD SNARK: Really, this is what we're up against.

(Wag of the tail to Ti-Guy for that link.)


sooey said...

Here's the real question: Can we disagree with Obama on Afghanistan, gay marriage, bailout, etc - and say "HarperHitler" in the same post?

Why yes, yes we can.

Rightwing nuts - I post it all the time. It's more individualistic, I find.

CanuckRover said...

Thanks CC, I checked the Christian Conservative link, overdosed on stupid, blacked out, and now I'm an hour late for work. Jerk.