Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dear Blogging Tories: Burst into flame and die.

Following the link from the very first article at the top of the BT aggregator this morning, we read this:

John McCain: A Class Act
November 5th, 2008 by Paul Holmes

This is John McCain’s concession speech. This man is nothing but class.

Normally, I'm not a violent man, but Ti-Guy has the right idea -- the whole lot of those idiots should be led into a large stadium somewhere and gassed. For the good of civilization. The sane people among us deserve no less.

P.S. Let the shrieking and phony, contrived outrage commence ...

LET THE "HOLY FUCK, I CAN'T BELIEVE ANYONE COULD SAY ANYTHING THAT MORONIC" BLOGGING TORY CONTEST BEGIN. It's going to take at least a couple cups of my Ten Thousand Villages fair trade, organic Ethiopia dark roast to get rolling, but surely there's a contest to find the absolutely most dumbfuck thing uttered by a BTer imaginable this morning, so let me suggest a candidate.

Here's "JR" from Victoria, who writes:

I just got back from the movies (Clint Eastwood's Changeling - excellent movie, by the way) and turn to CNN and see that Obama has won. So much for my Hope! Now we have to Hope that Obama and the Dems won’t Change too much for the worse.

Quite right, JR, because the biggest worry Americans should have right this minute is that Obama will come in and ... fuck things up. Yeah, that's their most pressing concern, JR, you imbecilic twatwaffle.

So feel free to steel your spine, click over there, do a quick recon and report back with the most mind melting examples of dumbfuckitude you can find. It shouldn't take long. I can't imagine you'll have to scroll very far. Neo Conservative or Hunter should be near the top of the page, anyway.


sooey said...

Didn't the Republicans already nationalize the banks? What's left to radically change?

Ti-Guy said...

I never "stadiums." I said arenas.

I should, of course, be more oblique and use the formulations the Right does when it engages in eliminationist when Glenn Reynolds, John Podhoretz, Victor Davis Hansen et al. talk about muslim insurgencies and link, à propros of nothing, to analyses that examine the rationale of various genocides throughout history.

CC said...

Quite right, Ti-Guy, we must be more oblique and not come right out and say things like this. Rather, we must allude to it, nibble around the edges, innuendo, that sort of thing, and finish it off with, "Hey, but I was just joking, ya know?"

Apparently, that makes it all better.