Tuesday, November 25, 2008

But on the third hand ...

Nov 24, 2008:

Ottawa to wait till March to stimulate economy: Flaherty

Canadian [sic] not yet in recession so finance minister says he'll wait for budget

Although Canada is likely headed for recesssion, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says his government has no plans to introduce an economic stimulus package before next spring's budget.

Nov 24, 2008:

Flaherty hints at early budget to stimulate economy

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty may table the next federal budget early to include infrastructure spending and other provisions to stimulate the ailing economy.

In related news, the propaganda arm of the CPoC, the Blogging Tories, praised Flaherty's response to the current economic crisis, explaining that ... that ... oh, fuck it, I can't even make something up that would make this stupid shit sound even vaguely amusing.

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The Seer said...

Well Washington is waiting until the end of January; why can't Ottawa wait a couple of months more?

sooey said...

But seriously, is that shoe polish on his head?

Sheena said...

this is funny/brill
Atlas Shrugged for the Credit Crunch Era