Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Your Blogging Tory stupidity two-step.

Phase 1: One or more Blogging Tories go into pure sexual ecstasy over the latest right-wing talking point.

Phase 2: That talking point is shown to be utter crap.

Tune in tomorrow when we do it all over again.


E in MD said...

During the past six years, the President of the United States devoted nearly $29 billion to climate research, leading the world with its unparalleled financial commitment (The White House 2007).

OMG! He spent $5 billion dollars of other people's money each year for six years? That must make him the greenest president evar! In six years he's spent what the Iraq war costs in 3 months! Wowie! That's almost a statistically significant 1.5% of the $2 trillion dollars the war is expected to cost! And he's spending it on NOT blowing people up! I'm amazed! I think I'll go join the Republican cheer leading squad now! Obviously he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than Stinky Old Al Gore!

This was about $5 billion per year, more than twice the amount spent on the Apollo Program ($2.3 billion
per year), which in 1969 put man on the Moon.

Lets see, in 1969:

Loaf of bread:... 20 cents
Gal of Gas....... 30 cents
Gal of Milk...... $1.10
Average car...... $2000.00
Average Yr Income $6500
Average New House $40,000

In 2007
Loaf of Bread.... $1.69
Gal of Gas....... $3.05
Gal of Milk...... $2.60
Average Car...... $27,958
Average Yr Income $48,000
Average New House $335,180

So, as the snapshot above illustrates, the value of money changes over time. I wouldn't have thought I would have needed to say that, but apparently the righties aren't good with figures. Or time... Or morality...Or human decency.

A comparison between the two is invalid because dollar value is not the same now as it was then. Especially when you factor in the fact that we're pissing away $9 billion A MONTH for destroying the environment in Iraq. This doesn't include his clear skies initiative, or his healthy forests initiative, or his time spent altering reports on global warming and supressing scientific findings because they were inconvenient.

If I spend my time shitting on your grave, are you going to praise me because 1.5% of the time I stopped to plant a flower next to the turd?

chris said...

"Jaworowski’s theories were not published in a scientific journal, but in 21st Century, a magazine published by Lyndon LaRouche, renowned for his belief in various conspiracy theories."


I read this after Celestial Junk stated that Jaworowski's credentials were "as good as any".

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you (drumroll)wingnut peer review.

I think I cracked a rib.