Thursday, November 29, 2007

You bring the fair, I'll bring the balanced.

Blogging Tory Civitatensis would like a moment or two of respectful silence:

Henry John Hyde, the man who led the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives in its impeachement of President Bill Clinton, has passed away. Hyde was a tireless opponent of abortion and a formidable orator. One of my favourite lines of his was articulated in a speech to the House during the Clinton impeachment debates. In reference to the president braking the law, he said: “Is he one of us, or is a Sovereign?”

Fuck it ... moment's over.


M@ said...

Civatensis... wasn't that the guy who thought that Iran was conclusively a Nazi state because the word "Iran" and "Aryan" have the same roots?

Yes. Yes he was.

A normal human would have stopped blogging by now. In shame.

And the recent comment supposedly rehabilitating the profoundly misguided myth is just the icing on the cake.

robert mcbean said...

In my opinion "braking" is not the right word for this context, therefore he is an idiot.

Not to mention an informidable orator.

Red Tory said...

What, are these lazy fuckwads just re-printing obits now?

E in MD said...

There are actually people named Snodgrass??