Friday, November 02, 2007

What kind of fuckery is this?

I'm kinda busy today, but I'll try to make time for this. Feel free to get there ahead of me.

JESUS FREAKIN' GOD. Seriously, you have to read some of the stories from people that Denyse O'Leary, the second-dumbest blogger in Canada (no one will ever take that title away from Dr. Roy), thinks constitute proof of some sort of vile, left-wing conspiracy against Intelligent Design.

Really, how do you even get past the first sentence here?

Working from empirical data and using the highly respected scientific tool of dimensional analysis, I have discovered fundamental errors in modern physics.

Well, of course you have. But no, keep reading ... it just gets better:

Not only is the foundation of modern physics slightly wrong, but the resulting physics indicates the physical Universe has a non-material cause (God?). The theory is not only mathematically correct, it is also practical and produces equations predicting the structural parameters of subatomic particles and atoms. It also provides a mathematically correct, Newtonian based Unified Force Theory...

I have also written "Secrets of the Aether," which describes the theory in greater detail. I realize how many scientists must be disappointed to learn that basic Newtonian physics can prove the physical Universe arises from an omniscient, non-material creative force.

And to think all this utter quackery is being collected in one place. The entertainment value is indescribable.


E in MD said...

Damnit.. where the hell is Iteration X and the NWO? They're not supposed to let idiot tradition mages like the Sons of Ether in the public eye.

Next thing you know we'll have Euthanatos off protesting right to lifers and the Verbena publicly supporting blood banks.

What's this world coming to?

* Note these gamer references are probably obscure if you didn't play WOD during the 90's. Oh well.

Grog said...

Great...when did Behe move into trying to abuse physics?

Zorpheous said...

"Newtonian physics" does not work at the sub-atomic particle level. The Newtonian reference frame starts to break down at about 0.1c.

God, what an absolutely dumb fuck.

Jay said...

I would love to find a thorough debunking of this mess. The guy is a true believer in his work, just like Behe and other IDiots, and will use anything they can possibly find to justify their beliefs in a supernatural.

Ti-Guy said...

* Note these gamer references are probably obscure if you didn't play WOD during the 90's. Oh well.

Oh, thank God. I thought I had suffered a stroke that had blanked out all my formal education.

chris said...

Huffing aether is so old school.

KEvron said...

thompson must share the same alma matre as gene ray....


rabbit said...


Debunking this stuff is not really necessary. It doesn't get much publicity, and I bet few people who read it buy into it.

Occassionally some madness does get traction (9/11 theories, creationism, grassy knoll, etc.) and these are worth debunking.

But so far as convincing the authors of the errors of their theories, forget it. They tend to be dedicated lunatics who are impervious to fact or reason. I know - I've tried on occassion (for reasons that now escape me).

Niles said...

e in md: I'm charging you for the cleaning job I must now do on my monitor after the spit take.

The obverse of your statement is of course, there are SOME who played just a bit too much WOD Mage in their formative years.

It was bad enough enduring the WOD 'logic' contained in the interior mythology to the game system, but there's always someone going 'no REALLY, this works!!...if you just send me 29.95 on your credit card number' to top fiction every day.

Although, if you think about it, that was/is the true message of WOD too. They never met an expensive reboot/re-edit they didn't publish at the consumers' expense.