Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wait ... that sounds eerily familiar.

Halls of Macadamia's "Neo Conservative" is not at all happy about this new "hands-off" style of bravery:

UPDATE: Celebrating voyeurism and apathy

"More than 1,000 people chanted 'Thank you, Paul,' as Paul Pritchard spoke to the rally yesterday, about how he came to record the last moments of Dziekanski's life."

You notice, of course, ol' Paul didn't actually step in and help this guy... he merely filmed his death throes.

And having bravely blogged on the subject, Neo steeled himself to continue his courageous struggle against global Islamojihadirastifarianism from the safety of his up-armoured comfy chair, a mere several thousand miles from the horror of actual combat.

Somewhere, Hugh Hewitt is beaming with pride.

, Neo responds for the eleventy-umpteenth time with that one comeback he knows. I do hope he never figures out a second one -- I'd have to take a minute to fabricate a brand-new, savagely witty rebuttal.

And when I say "a minute," I'm being generous.


M@ said...

You know, for such an abject authoritarian as Neo, it's surprising he would demand someone violate a secure area in an airport.

Does he realise that if it weren't for Pritchard fighting the RCMP for the video he took, this whole thing would never have come to light? No, I don't think he does.

the rev. said...

Furthermore does Neo realize that Pritchard was repeatedly told to stop filming by Airport Security when (after nine and half hours) they finally showed up? That he was told by the Mounties to stop taping their interaction with Mr. Dziekanski? And that it was only because he has some balls and knows his rights and sicced a lawyer on the mounties to get the recording back that anyone knows anything about this murder?