Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nothing personal, Rachel, but I want you dead.

Normally, I draw the line at wishing physical harm on anyone but, in her case, I'll make an exception. And if there is a God, make it slow and painful. You know -- like torture.


Dr.Dawg said...

Perhaps we could substitute the falanga and call it "getting Rachel Marsden in shape for the marathon." We could toughen her up a little more with mock executions.

Torture, as I've said at my place, has been normalized in North America. This sick creature is more a symptom than a cause.

Ti-Guy said...

I honestly never knew you could have a career in the news media consisting of flame-outs and failure.

Everyone is completely fed up with the repulsive Marsden and she keeps getting jobs. Pourquoi?

Dr.Dawg said...

You may have answered your own question. Repulsiveness sells!

Ti-Guy said...

I know it sells. Race to the bottom.

I'm pretty sure in a few years, when Rachel Marsden is living out of her car again (and that's if she's lucky), she'll sue Quebecor for not having nurtured her; for having exploited her sociopathy.

...and I'm not sure I'd be unsympathetic. I think people who parade around the mentally ill for fun and profit are criminals.

Frank Frink said...

Rather than wishing her dead I would suggest that Marsden visit a CIA facility where she can request to be waterboarded (US military, CIA and State Dept. officials have had this done). Then she can come back and write about her experience and let us know if it still compares to her 'swimming training'.

Here's an example:
assistant AG Daniel Levin, who voluntarily submitted to it, three years ago. "Water-boarding is torture", he wrote. Soon after he was fired. He wouldn't tell the lies.

Ti-Guy said...

Then she can come back and write about her experience and let us know if it still compares to her 'swimming training'.

She'll just lie about it and threaten everyone with harassment complaints and a "stalk-alypse" if they rat her out.

CC said...


There is no chance in hell that Marsden would ever volunteer for the procedure, since that would entail becoming enlightened about what she is babbling about, and that's not how the Wingnut Right works.

It's sort of like the same loons who whinge on and on about the grand nobility of war while never having the grapes to enlist themselves.

It's an annoying pattern once you recognize it.

Frank Frink said...

Oh, I know CC, i know. But, I would gladly volunteer to hold her head underwater for, say, an hour or two.

The Sun's obviously been feeling some heat. They're trying to hide teh links to her column.

Still not good enough. Like FoxNews and the National Fishwrap they need to can her sorry serial stalking ass.

Too crazed for Fox News. That takes a bit of work.

I wish she would go stalk Werner Patels. Or Adam Yoshida.

the rev. said...

I've been out of the country for many years and didn't read the SUN when I lived there, but as far as I recall they didn't used to let the Sunshine Girls write opinion pieces.

chris said...

Problem semi-solved.
So bitter for one so young.