Thursday, November 29, 2007

Low-hanging fruit: Dr. Roy edition.

In a recent post, Canada's Dumbest Blogger™ is all over a defense of keeping crosses on Utah public land (emphasis added):

The Utah Highway Patrol Association defends the crosses, which have the Highway Patrol logo on them and have been erected on government land. It says they are secular symbols that both honor the troopers and remind speeding drivers to slow down.

In unrelated news, let's check in on the good doctor when, curiously, that same cross was a sacred, religious icon that should be protected from vile desecration.

Yes, it really is too easy, isn't it?


Red Tory said...

Good grief, the man clearly doesn’t know the first thing about the U.S. Constitution. What a blindingly ignorant fool.

By th way, with all due respect to your excellent "Canada's Dumbest Blogger™" title, Red Canuck and I are trying to promote the alternative designation for "Dr." Roy — HMNW. As in, Her Majesty's Nit Wit.

Ti-Guy said...

As an anti-monarchist, I can't support that. I'd prefer The National Dunce. I'd even support a stipend and an official residence somewhere.

Red Tory said...

"National Dunce" would make for a great TV show. A ready-made host even comes to mind... Ben something or other.

E in MD said...

What annoys me when these sorts of things happens is that there is a very simple test to see if you should put up a symbol like that on public land.

Would you support putting up a symbol of a religion you didn't like?

For example, would you support putting up an inverted pentacle with the state police logo on it? How about an American Atheist symbol?


Then it don't fucking belong on public land. How fucking hard is that to understand? If you don't like it or can't deal with it, change the fucking Constitution.

Having just debated with a libertarian, examples like this is why we need a reasonably strong ( though monitored and accountable ) federal government down here in the United States of Jesus.

counter-coulter said...

Dr. Roy: "It says they are secular symbols that both honor the troopers and remind speeding drivers to slow down."

Really? It reminds people that they should slow down? Or what...Jesus will smite them?