Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Low-hanging fruit: The Dr. Roy edition.

Yes, it's cruel but ... what the hell -- witness the dumbassitude:

T Boone Pickens challenges Kerry

T Boone Pickens bets John Kerry $1 million that Kerry can't find a mistake in the swift boat veteran ads for truth. Pickens will win.

Wait for it ... wait for it ... wait for it ... ah, there we go.

Degree of difficulty: Negative infinity.


E in MD said...

Keep success as well as failure in perspective and, most importantly, always play by the rules: Never think you have to cheat to win; there’s no need to bend your principles. As in sports, cheating to win is a hollow victory, at best. But most of all, you won’t feel good about yourself.

If that were the case the Republicans would have been out of business long ago.

and as far as the swift boat lying assholes for world domination - not a single one of them was even in the area at the time that Kerry was serving. So what the fuck do they know.

and lastly on it, why is this TBone asshole bringing this up again? Not like Kerry's running for President again. Did he not get enough jollys off slandering a war hero the last time?

Scotian said...

e in md:

I thought one was serving on his boat and another a commanding officer during I think his SS winning incident, so two of them did serve in the same area for at least part of the time Kerry did, no? This is not to be taken as any agreement with the SBVfT, I was well aware from the outset that their charges were totally fabricated, indeed I was most vocal about it at the time on the Political Animal blog when the smear campaign started back in 2004. However, I am also big on being factually accurate, and I am not sure that you are correct in every case, although you certainly are on 99+% of all the so-called SBVfT.

I was and still am furious about this because I take military service, especially voluntary seriously, particularly when you sign up during a period of conflict as Kerry did. He served in a combat theatre and until his Presidential campaign was an unquestioned medal winning honourably served man who could fairly be described as having acted in a heroic manner in his service according to the contemporaneous documentation and the testimony of many including some of the SBVfT in the man's Senate campaigns. That it was done on behalf of a man that refused to do more than join a champaign reserve unit clearly via the use of family influence and was unable to even complete that duty instead going AWOL/deserting and having yet again those family connections pull strings to get him an honourable discharge despite all this made this truly something beyond merely despicable into something so ugly, so disgusting and so offensive that I know of no word or combination of words that could do it proper justice.

If you are talking about T Boone, well he funded the SBVfT to the tune of at least 3 million dollars and invested his personal credibility into them, and you know how GOPers simply cannot leave well enough alone when it comes to attacking/smearing their opposition/opponents. It is standard red meat for hard core GOPers, and given his connections to the group and his support for them it is hardly a shock that he would talk about them yet again to fellow GOPers. I suspect though Kerry's willingness to come back at him for making such a stupid and easily won "bet" was a bit of a nasty shock though given the major backpedaling he did. Classic movement conservativism behaviour in action regarding the lies they tell, bullying and aggressive right up until challenged with factual evidence at which point they move the goalposts if not retreat altogether from the field whining all the way. As you said, what an asshole.