Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Long-distance sympathy is always easier, isn't it?

Shorter Steve Janke: "Like many of my Blogging Tory colleagues, I prefer to reserve my compassion for the oppressed, persecuted and downtrodden overseas because, as long as they're several thousand miles away, I don't have to, you know, touch them with my hands or anything."


Ti-Guy said...

Janke is right though; the rest of us really do have to do more screeching about outrages overseas because that really changes things.

E in MD said...

I read that as typical right wing fodder. "These people are savages because they don't do things the way I like them. So we need to invade them and occupy them to teach them 'the right way'". Sorta like they did to the American Indians back in the day. Teach 'em the right way by murdering them and stealing their lands.

Personally I would think that a teacher working in a predominantly Muslim area would have, oh I don't know, bothered to learn a bit about the culture? Yeah I think it's excessive, but then I think all that religious nonsense ( Christian religious nonsense included ) is excessive. Douche needs to realize that ain't America or Canada or any other western nation. You can't go looking at every country around the world and expect them all to live up to your moral standards just because you have a superiority complex. All the troops and guns and dead soldiers in the world cannot change the heart of a nation. They have to want it themselves and they have to work for it. Sending our people to die in a foreign land because you don't like their legal or religious practices is ridiculous.

Hell, it wasn't but until 05 that we outlawed lynching at a federal level here in the States and beating homosexuals to death for being homosexuals is just fine with some people ( *hint* right wing conservative 'Christian' nut jobs ). You wanna do some good in the world, clean up your own house first.

He also doesn't cite a real source for his supposed story of teacher lashing. He cites Fox News. Because they've never ever misrepresented stories in order to sell their own agenda. Just ask Rupert Murdock.

Frank Frink said...

So, let's see if I understand this correctly.

We must stay in Afghanistan, and support the Karzai government against the Taliban, because of awful things like Sharia law being applied in Sudan. And if the Taliban take over Afghanistan Sharia law will rule the land.

OK, all well and good..

..except for the part about the current Afghan legal system, under the Karzai government, being Sharia law.

Did I miss something?