Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a weiner.

I was going to wait until the end of the year to give out an award for the downright stupidest thing ever uttered in the blogosphere but, seriously, there's no way anyone is going to outdo the following comment.

Responding to a piece of Denyse O'Leary's which describes how Harvard is a bit miffed that the hacks at the Discovery Institute took one of Harvard's videos, stripped it of its narration and credits and gave it a new voiceover, which apparently prompted Harvard to threaten legal action for copyright infringement, we have commenter "leo_s":

When the Darwinists have to stoop to enforcing the law, they must know their silly theory is about to fall.

Because nothing says earth-shaking, scientific paradigm shift like protecting what's yours.

Go on, top that. I dare you.


Chet Scoville said...

I got nothin'.

Ti-Guy said...

Shoot. We've been found out. He's right; after 150 years of empirical observation, we all know that, given the last few years of robust challenge in the form of scientific supernaturalism, the theory of evolution is about to be discredited anytime now.

Oh, was a good scam while it lasted. And we did manage to convert quite a few Churchies to Darwinian homosexuality, for which our Lord Satan has rewarded us greatly.

E in MD said...

I'm utterly speechless.

How is it possible that human beings this idiotic survived long enough to learn how to type?

Simon said...

That's impressive. I quickly count five independently dumb components in that one sentence.

1) Use of the term 'Darwinists', a red flag that the person speaking is a complete ninny.
2) 'have to', suggesting that the aforementioned 'Darwinists' were backed into a corner on this one.
3) 'stoop to enforcing the law' (yeah, what could be lower than 'enforcing the law'?)
4) 'silly theory' (so silly that it's amazing that anyone could believe such a fairy tale! Unlike the irrefutable reality that is religion, for example)
5) 'theory is about to fall' (I really hope leo_s has decided to hold his breath on this point)

Arrrgh - why won't these people just go away??

thwap said...

Agent leo-s is doing excellent work, is he not, comrades?