Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hilarity, unintentional and otherwise.

Shorter Alberta Aardvark: "Speaking as a conservative, I think that when someone says "six months," they should mean it and ... What? Why are you all laughing at me?"


Ti-Guy said...

At the link:

I do not want to guess as to what her reasons might have been for not going any further in our communications...

I didn't see his correspndence with Diebel anywhere (and I didn't bother to look), but I could venture a few guesses as to why she gave up.

E in MD said...

Ah the Freidman unit rears it's ugly head yet again.

Speaking as a 'Liberal' ( actually I'm not I just hate morons and hypocrisy ), maybe we should start executing people like Alberta Ardvark so that conservatives will know they can be killed too. Otherwise they might all just turn out to be traitors.

Just a little joke.. ha ha.