Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dear wanks: About that "anonymity" thing ...

It's interesting how quickly attitudes change, isn't it? Why, it seems like just yesterday that members of Canada's Retard-o-sphere were howling with outrage, demanding to know who your humble scribe was.

There was failed Calgary politician Richard "NAMBLA" Evans, whose bounty on my identity recently went up from $500 to $750. And there's Patsy "Boy Toy" Ross, whose technological wizardry extends as far as checking who visits his site and concluding it's me. But, oddly enough, when it comes to revealing the names of the four officers who murdered a newly-arrived, Polish immigrant at Vancouver airport, well, all that outrage has gone silent, hasn't it?

What's the deal, Dick? Patsy? If you can can get your shorts twisted up this much over a simple blogger who writes stuff you don't like, what's keeping you from tracking down and exposing four people who actually killed a man, hmmmmmm?

Come on, guys, a little consistency here perhaps? Why should those boys get to hide behind some RCMP-provided anonymity? Surely it's in the public's best interest to put a name to those TASER-wielding faces, wouldn't you say?

So let's go, Dick -- a bounty on their heads sounds about right. And Patsy? Let's see a picture of the roofs of their houses. Surely that's the least you can do. A little consistency here would be nice. Or, in your worlds, is anonymity granted only to state-sanctioned murderers?

Let's go, boys ... I'm waiting.


Sparky said...

me thinks you'll be waiting a while...
those cops did what patsy and dicky would have done in the same situation--walk in and kick a$$!!! (if the two of them weren't so busy peeing in their underoos when confronted with anything remotely threatening)
Compassion and understanding is for chumps! We got our compassion right here baby--50,000 volts of it!
in their world, those cops deserve medals and a parade.
I bet dicky and patsy play that video over and over again while dreaming of being 'manly men'.

Phyl said...

Now now, both Evans and Ross clearly know that a stapler is a dangerous weapon. Maybe we should set up a stapler registry.

Ti-Guy said...

It's pointless reasonning with wingnuts. They pride themselves on being inconsistent. Coherence is for losers.

There was failed Calgary politician Richard "NAMBLA" Evans, whose bounty on my identity recently went up from $500 to $750.

Hey, at least you're not being "marked down."

I pity his poor children when they eventually read the documented evidence of their father's belligerence and lunacy.

CC said...


It's Richard's wife I worry about more. I wonder how many times she's shown up for lunch with friends and said, "Um ... I, uh ... I fell."

E in MD said...

Oh like that'll ever happen. C'mon all those RCMP dudes did was kill somebody.

They're the culture of life remember? They only care about blastocysts.

It's not like they did something really mean, like call someone on their blatant hypocrisy and stupidity on a blog or something.

The Seer said...

There is a clear difference between CC and the mounties: authority. The mounties have it; CC doesn't. The mounties vigilantly protect authority; to tell the truth, CC has been known to mock authority. In Canada, they taser people who mock authority.

The Seer said...

Now let's stop and think about this.

When the crazy American cops in Arizona rousted ti-guy out of his car, pointed their guns at him and searched him, the only casualty was ti-guy's dignity. I'm sure the reason was that ti-guy had the sense to "show respect."

Who needs foreigners who don't know how to "show respect" to authority figures?

E in MD said...

CC has been known to mock authority.

By The Seer, at 8:48 PM

Zounds! We can't have that! =)