Friday, November 30, 2007

Awwww ... Damian's so cute when he's trying to be clever.

Damian Penny goes all Full Metal Hypothetical on us:

1. If Stephen Harper and the Conservatives romp to victory in the next election, earning well over 50% of the vote, will you agree that they're entitled to do pretty much anything they want because they were fairly elected?

Sure, Damian, why not? As long as you agree that they can't use that majority to violate the basic civil rights of Canadians, in the sense of, oh, reneging on gay marriage, or passing laws that protect the rights of civil servants to discriminate on the basis of religion or sexuality, and so on and so on.

More generally, Damian, would such a majority mean that you and the rest of your Blogging Tory comrades would fall lockstep behind every single thing Harper and his Harperettes chose to do? Or do you think there would still be room for dissension in Steve's world?

Just curious.


counter-coulter said...

Reader Tip:

Looks like JoJo is jumping on the "it snowed so therefore Global Warming is a hoax" bandwagon:

Bad news for Lizzy May and company

Environment Canada
forecasts "coldest winter in almost 15 years".

*cross-posted at RT's, but he's gone in to semi-retirement*

Red Tory said...

Harperettes. Ouch. That's a good one. Get busy copyrighting it.

Speaking of which, that was an interesting article you linked to on the other thread and touches on something I'm dealing with at the moment in another context. So thank you for that.

Also, it led me to discover that Geist employs and is something I've never encountered before (Oh, those ever wondrous Internets!) but will be remarkably helpful re-purposing some of my clients’ presentations for the web. So thanks again!

Red Tory said...

CC — Oops, I guess I shouldn’t refer to you that way here, should I? Rather confusing.

Yeah, I heard that on the radio this morning when I was running my errands and immediately figured some right-wing dopes would immediately seize on that as “proof” of their contention that climate-change is a load of bollocks. And sure enough… Joanne, who’s never encountered a stinking cowpat she couldn’t resist stepping in, went and did the utterly predictable thing.

counter-coulter said...

Red Tory said...
Joanne, who’s never encountered a stinking cowpat she couldn’t resist stepping in, went and did the utterly predictable thing.

Apparently, JoJo and the other Global Warming deniers don't fully understand the concepts of temperature variability, trending and climate "winners and losers".

chris said...

I'm just rying to imagine Stephen Harper romping.

counter-coulter said...

More of those sensible, oh-so-civil conservatives I keep reading about:

Man takes hostages in NH Clinton office

ROCHESTER, N.H. - A man claiming to have a bomb walked into a Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign office Friday and took at least two hostages, police and witnesses said. Clinton was not in the state at the time. Police said a woman was released from Clinton's campaign offices.

Crabgräss said...

I hope Damien doesn't make this wildest fantasy thing a regular feature. I'm staying away.

M@ said...

Reagrading Joanne: This.

Red Tory said...

“Hey, you didn’t die yesterday. That must mean you’re actually immortal.”

That's priceless.

Frank Frink said...


Reminiscent of the now legendary exchange between Frank Zappa and confrontational talk radio pioneer Joe Pyne.

Pyne to Zappa: "So I guess your long hair makes you a woman."
Zappa replies: "So I guess your wooden leg makes you a table."