Monday, November 19, 2007

Ah, gotcha.

The lesson here is, I hope, obvious: If you need to ship a baby, make sure the box has a clearly-written label reading "CAUTION: LIVE BABY INSIDE" so no one has to wonder.

Air holes would be nice, too.

: I'm amused by the scenario to be pondered here:

"If you thought there was even a small chance that a baby was inside a box, wouldn't you treat that box gently, just in case?"

Well, no ... no, I wouldn't. What I'd do is I'd open the fucking box and see if there's a baby inside, that's what I'd do!! And then I'd go looking for whoever the fuck might be putting babies inside boxes, for fuck's sake!!

Then again, that's just me, because I'm not retarded.


Paladiea said...

That video made no sense.

CC said...


I would have thought the lesson in that video was obvious. First, you consider the possibility -- regardless of how meaningless or far-fetched it is -- of something.

Then, ignoring the screeching leap of insupportable illogic, you alter your behaviour as if you've established that possibility beyond any reasonable doubt.

What part of that is confusing you?

pretty shaved ape said...

the other message is that if you are a filthy, rutting beast and you engage in sinful carnality, then you should be properly ill, vomiting each and every guilty morning until you either give birth or the clock runs out. because that is the beauty and mystery of gawd's love.

Prole said...

I wish the Catholics would stop obsessing about my box.

jj said...

PSA - "sinful carnality" As opposed to Painful, Disciplined, ending in Consequences. Etc.