Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just because I feel like being mean to Adam today. Deal with it.

Not that long ago, we steeled ourselves and checked in on Adam Daifallah and his opinion on the bravest, wisest, most famousest hobbit ever, Mark Steyn. Mercifully, we can always back away slowly and read the opinion of someone who isn't a pathological groupie and suckup.

No, no, don't thank me. There's plenty of antidote to go around.

UPDATE: Hello, GG readers. Yes, I realize you've never heard of Adam Daifallah. Don't worry -- it's not like you're missing anything.

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Declan said...

Yeah, I saw that post title, "Best Article Ever?" and I got a pretty good chuckle out of it.

I mean, even if the article in question was a good article (hypothetically speaking, obviously), how juvenile is that post? All that's missing is the OMG!! at the front. I guess he was just doing a shout-out to one of his 'peeps'.

It's hard to understand why people take folks like Daifallah seriously - or maybe they don't.