Saturday, June 17, 2006

Your new favourite blog.

Despite the fact that this will cost me at least half my readership (as they wonder why they've been wasting their time here), let me recommend this guy.

It's enough to make us mere mortals want to give up blogging. Fuck. I hate people like that.


Dave T. said...

That retard needs to learn to set up his web page to specify the right character encoding.

Miss Cellania said...

'S funny! But I'll still come here, CC!

Jeffrey Boser said...

I just can't read that webpage. And its weird, first webpage I've seen in a long time where I had to scroll down just to begin reading.

ootpoot said...

Enjoyed the commentary on
Winston Churchill: "Ahhh, but he was OUR pissed-up racist who gassed Arabs."

...but the classic was the Buddha joke:
So the Buddha goes into a pizzeria and says, “Make me one with everything.”

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Saskboy said...

I didn't get it. The only thing that made sense was the comment about needing a lot of white mice quickly. Maybe the links on the side contained more mice humour.

CathiefromCanada said...

Yes, its priceless, isn't it -- in the tradition of Monty Python and the Two Ronnies and Goon Show -- Firedoglake was talking earler this week about how someone on Daily Kos misinterpreted it as a serious site -- though how could anyone take this seriously:
"Kos once saved my life too. I was reading a post about Senator Joseph Lieberman, and it was so dull that I got up to run my head under a cold tap. Just then this assagai comes flying through the window. Zulus! Fuck! If it hadn’t been for Kos, I could have wound up in a cooking pot. I’ll always be grateful to him for that.
Anyway, so we formed a laager, called for reinforcements and went all Rorke’s Drift on their arses, and it all ended happily with a glorious slaughter of tribesmen. That was the day Boris Johnsons won the Victoria Cross."

Phyl said...

That site's no competition, CC. But you just wanted us all to come here and make declarations anyway, didntcha?