Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Your daily Blogging Tory dumbassitude.

Apparently, Joanne is just, like, totally down with Rachel Marsden, 'cuz Rachel is just, like, bitchin' when it comes to smacking around those Lefties as she (Rachel) writes:

So why, people here ask, would anyone want to do damage to Toronto? Maybe they don't. No one has been convicted of anything yet. Maybe the three tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer that the suspects allegedly ordered were going to be used to grow a massive garden that would spell out "I Love Canada!" in tulips.

Why, sure, and as one of those mentally retarded liberals, that's the first thing that occurred to me. Several suspects of Mideast persuasion, electronics, three tons of fertilizers -- why, it just never occurred to me that they might be up to no good, no sir, I could never have imagined the possibility, so it's a good thing that there are people like Joanne and Rachel to point it out since, being the complacent, dumbass Lefty that I am, there's no way I could have figured that out on my own.

By the way, Joanne, I've heard this rumour about a bunch of Marines in Iraq who went nuts with rage and, after the shouting, there were a bunch of civilians dead from gunshot wounds. Can you explain that one? For the life of me, I just can't connect the dots.

, Joanne, are you sure you can't find any higher-quality role models? Ones that are not quite as -- you know -- skanky? Just a suggestion.


steve said...

Maybe, Joanne wants Rachel's attention and the stuffed toys, candy, flowers, cards and provocative photographs, that come with it.

Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

Heaven help Joanne if Rachel picks her as her new bestest friend in the world.




Havril said...

Too funny, Steve. There is a certain note of pathetic "I really, like, wanna hang out with the cool kids" desperation to Joanne's gushing praise of Rachel's column. Do you think they've exchanged friendship bracelets?

CC said...

Note to readers. When it comes to gushing, nauseating sycophancy, Joanne is strictly small time. This is how the pros do it.

Now that's what you call wanking.

Phyl said...

Oh. my. GOD. That's stunning.

=="It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he can't get anyone to notice."==

One is left speechless just after the first two sentences. And already so divorced from reality that one doesn't want to read any further. [shudder]

the rev. said...

they don't call him Ass-rocket for nothing Phyl