Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Tories?" Who, us?

Apparently, Bound by Gravity's Andrew has finally had enough of the festering cesspool of lockstep Harper worship over at the Blogging Tories and is calling it a day, BT-wise, although I'm fascinated by the position of at least one commenter:

The Blogging Tories are not an official political arm of the CPC and have no political affiliation other than the bloggers generally support a right of center viewpoint.

Um ... huh? So it's purely a coincidence that they're called the Blogging "Tories," is that it? And that the website is predominantly Tory blue? And that, on that main page, you can click through to "CPC Feeds" where one can add content to their web page representing, oh, CPC Press Releases, and CPC News, and CPC Speeches, and the CPC Calendar.

Apparently, it's all just a spectacular coincidence. Go figure.


Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

It's simple CC,
two words for ya

Plausible Deniability.

They (the Official Party -- like Sandra Buckler in Communications who sits at the right hand of Harpo) feed her "talkers" their most baser elements within the party all the red-meat they can handle via some handpicked Blogging Tories, but then they can back away and claim "but the Blogging Tories, despite having MPs, CPOC candidates, Riding Executives etc, on the BT roll, are not in any way affiliated with the actual party.

Appeal to their "base base" and keep trying to cultivate the "we're not scary - we're Liberal Lite" in the MSM... as a two pronged public relations strategy. (Did you notice that Monte Solberg has quit blogging? AND for extra fun, he wiped out his archive! That's ok -- there's screen captures on record!)

CC said...

You keep using that word "plausible." I do not think it means what you think it means.

Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

Oh... sorry.... wrt to "plausible"
thats what "they" call it amongst themselves.

Eugene Parks, who writes under the monicker of "Walks with Coffee" on Somena Media (who eventually quit the CPOC over among other things the racism within his EDA) was actually asked to head up this project (months before it happened) which eventually morphed into the "blogging tories" -- and such phrases were used internally to describe the formation of this cybergroup by the CPC MPs and party officials who were keen on using the internet to stave off attacks on Stephen Harper via the blog world the same way that the blogworld had saved George Bush's but re his military record.

Memo To Self: Remember to not get sucked into using the language of denial and deception of CPOC in exposing them for what they are. Thanks CC

Ti-Guy said...

Well, it's been self-defeating. No one I know who didn't vote Conservative in the last election has found this Blogging Tory communications strategy useful in providing compelling reasons to vote Conservative in the next election. The real problem has been that the mischaracterisations of reality (not to mention the bigotry) are going largely unchallenged, so people are rightly assuming that the whole thing is in bad faith.

Heretic said...

This is a wee bit off topic maybe, but how about the use of word "Tory" in the first place? I would not have expected a favourable response had the media started referring to the CPC that way immediately following the merger and S. Harper taking the helm. But it's much more comfortable for most Canadians to vote for a familiar sounding old gang for sure, and the CPC is benefitting from it. They're obviously not the same old gang (not that I would relish that either) If this has been discussed before, please pardon my rather recent arrival...

Pam said...

Yay Heretic! I came to the comment section to post an objection to the use of "Tory." Its reference to CPC seems to be making its way into MSM, and that frustrates me. I am glad someone else balks at such usage.

Heretic said...

Yes, is that unwitting media bolstering of the CPC's place in the hearts & minds of Canadians? I fully expect that party members have been staunchly advised by somebody not to correct those throwing that word around so loosely. Wear it like a big ol' poncho. Hides warts & stuff, too.