Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sure, LET'S vote on same-sex marriage ...

... but, inspired by this, I'm thinking of a private member's bill in the House of Commons addressing the sanctity of "traditional" marriage, for which you will be ineligible to vote if you:

  • are single

  • are divorced

  • are separated

  • have ever committed adultery

  • have ever lusted after another in your heart (hey ... Biblically, that's adultery)

  • ever had pre-marital sex

Other than that, you're good to vote. Bring it on.


Zorpheous said...

Wow I was good to go untill the last two. Don't tell my wife ;-)

Miss Cellania said...

Oh come on now. If the half-dozen eligible voters nationwide were to decide this, what do you think the results will be?

Luna said...

Yeah, me too, zorpheous. Good until the last two. But the hubby knows about the second last one and is okay with it. We point out hot people to each other. It's fun. :)