Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The selectivity of directionality.

Hey, kids! You know how the entire progressive blogosphere can be discredited by the action of a single crackpot? How just one ill-conceived post over at Progressive Bloggers can be used to tar the whole group? How the entirety of the Left can be dismissed as, say, the "Michael Moore" wing of political discourse? How the most extreme and unrepresentative positions of the left can be used to dismiss everyone on that side of the ideological divide as uniformly shrieking moonbats?

Apparently, it doesn't work that way over on the Right. Man, are those folks lucky or what?

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Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

Oh... I've always gotten a kick out of being blamed for everything that's gone wrong in Indian Act policy in Canada by Kate McMillan, and her two step-in-fetchit friends from Dust my Brooms, simply because I disagree with the promotion of assimilation.

Yep... it's me, me, me... lil' old me, whose responsible for all the evils of 150 years of Indian Policy in Canada, and the inability of Aboriginals to "just get over it and move on with their lives".

I wonder if someday, these types will reflect upon the fact that while they moan about being forced to wear some sort of "collective guilt" for the past sins of the federal government" -- they will grasp that turning around and trying to project that exact same kind of "collective guilt" onto individual Aboriginal who merely disagrees with them is a self-contradictory position.

Somehow I doubt it though. That would require a kind of rigourous logical consistency of thought that I don't think they are quite capable of.