Friday, June 16, 2006

Selective thinking at its finest.

Giving the wingnut right years of accumulated evidence for global warming, and having them brush it off as "just a theory" or suggest it "needs more study:" Sadly predictable.

Giving those same people a single, unsourced, questionable document and having them embrace it wholeheartedly and accept its absolute authenticity without even a scintilla of doubt: Priceless.


Noel M said...

Gee, and here I thought you were talking about the bible...

Alison said...

Do did I, Noel. ;-)

Zarqawi : "Despite the gloomy present situation, the terrorists' best hope is to involve America in a war with another country."

Wow. So if America does indeed go to war with Iran, does that mean the terrorists have won?

I'm not sure that the "terror team authors" of Zarqawi's message really thought this one through.

Simon said...

This "Al Qaida" document could have been written by a 12-year old for all we know.

But I'm glad the right wingers have their proof that their perpetual war machine is such a success.

Too bad that even if this document is legitimate (dubious), and even if every Al Qaida member wholeheartedly agrees with its contents (highly doubtful), Al Qaida only comprises a small fraction of the resistance. Not that we want to let any facts get in the way of a neo-con feel-good story.

q said...

I heard they found Coulter's phone number in Zarqawi's pocket ;) Gibson is in the shallow end of the gene pool.