Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hi, Jinx. Bye, Jinx.

Yes, that recent infantile party-crasher "Get to the Shrink!" was, of course, none other than our very own Jinx McHue, once again hiding behind another pseudonym to spew childish epithets. Attaboy, Jinx. I'm sure you're making your pastor proud.

JINX MCHUE AS CHRIS GRIFFIN: There's a scene in an early episode of "Family Guy" where the Griffin family is at the neighbourhood pool and teenager Chris is up on the edge of the diving board, trying to get his mother's attention: "Hey, mom, look ... mom, look at me, mom ... mom, mom, look ... look, mom, look at me ... mom, look, mom ... hey, mom, look at me ... MOM, LOOK, MOM!!!"

Yes, there's our Jinx, desperately waving his arms from the swamps of Wankerville, hoping desperately that someone notices him again. See, he used to be a regular feature here, until pretty much everyone (including me) got bored with his childishness and proceeded to just ignore him. We got on with our lives and, for the most part, forgot about him (aside from the occasional brief, cheap shot when I needed an ignorant, Bible-thumping wank to refer to strictly for comparison purposes.)

Life was good but, alas, it was too good to last, as Jinx clearly can't stand not being the centre of attention, even if, by "attention," we mean the target of unceasing ridicule.

I once asked Jinx what it would take to get him to go away since he clearly wasn't welcome here, and he replied that all I had to do was to stop linking to him. Well, that's easy enough, so I stopped. Not surprisingly, Jinx lied since, even after I started to ignore him, he returned, first as "anonymous" and more recently as this demented (and illiterate) psychopath commenter "Get To The Shrink."

There's something genuinely pathetic about someone whose sole claim to fame is to be the gold standard for appalling ignorance and religious idiocy. Not to mention someone who, just recently, celebrated that his blog passed all of 35,000 hits. Whoo hoo! Yee ha, eh, Jinx? Man, it must give you a serious woody to know that you're setting the blogosphere on fire with your average of 39 hits a day. Although I'm personally kind of put out that you didn't at least give me credit since I'm guessing several thousand of those hits were me sending folks your way just to see what kind of insufferable buffoon you were. Oh, well, I can live with it.

So keep up the good fight there, Jinx. You keep taking wild, uneducated swings at me, and PZ Myers, and anyone else thoroughly out of your league intellectually. Whatever gets you hard. And don't forget -- we're not laughing with you, we really are laughing at you.

POOR JINX. Apparently, Jinx has just plumb forgot that I banned him from commenting here until he answered one simple yes/no question: Does he accept, as literal truth, every word in both the Old and New Testaments? And after all this time, he's still too much of a gutless pussy to post an answer. Typical. Mister SuperChristian, still too scared to say whether he actually believes in Holy Scripture but still trying to sneak back in under a psudonym.

In any event, Jinx, no more comments for you. Pansy.


Shannon said...

I had a feeling it was him, especially after seeing the blog he created about PZ Meyers.

He left me a rather amusing comment on my journal this morning about trolling his blog without 'having the guts' to comment, which is a little difficult seeing as he has me banned (dipfuck). Actually, I commented about his PZ Meyers 2-3 days ago on the Jesusland blog - wouldn't have commented there if he didn't have comments disabled on Exposing PZ to avoid opposing viewpoints. Somebody needs to do an accuracy check.

Since he's so wound up about someone 'having the guts to comment' perhaps he might one day gather the guts himself to comment without hiding behind some ridiculous pseudonym.

So let's see...

Thus far he's used Jinx, Jason, Jeff, Get to the shrink!, JoJo the wonder sloth and JoJo (without the wonder sloth).

Nice work on the JoJo one, what with all the swearing and all.

Not only his pastor, but wife and work buddies must be so excited with all the new words Jinx/Jason/Jeff/ Get to the shrink!/ JoJo the wonder sloth/JoJo/Pseudonyms ad infinitum, ad nauseum has picked up.

Oh wait - CC since you pissed him off to the point of cursing, doesn't that earn you some kind of award or something?

Jeffrey Boser said...

Yeah, I went to his anti-PZ site and saw the lack of comment ability. I am also banned from commenting on his shock site (I tried to make a remark on a warming-denialist post).

I found that amusing, since I previously tried to make insightful comments that might lead him to look at issues more closely (you'll never convince anybody with a neener-neener comment). Might not have been successful, but oh well I tried.

He seems to need a 'safe' zone where others can't show him where he's wrong.

Havril said...

Ha ha ha ! This Jinxy guy only gets 39 hits a day. Compare that to my whopping... uh, nevermind.

Shannon said...

I doubt he'll ever answer it.

I tried to go christian a couple of years ago to please my family and needless to say, I just couldn't make myself believe in it. Judging by his other blog (jesusland or whatever), Jinx himself made a similar turn from christianity then later went back, I suspect due more to familial pressures than faith. If you read his blogs you can see this seriously militant, mostly unhappy person who seems to be trying a bit too hard to reinforce the idea that he really believes what he's writing. He desperately wants to believe it for the sake of his family so he takes this defensive, aggressive stance on every religious issue.

It's pretty sad, actually. I recognise it because I went through much the same thing, wanting desperately to please my family and trying so hard to make myself buy into it that for a short time I lost some of myself in the process. The internal struggle makes you militant for awhile, but once a person lets go and allows themselves to be who they are in spite of what family & friends think, it not only gets better, it's the most liberating thing one can do for him/herself.

But Jinx isn't there yet.

I asked him a similar one on S&B and after several days of not getting an answer I asked him why, to which he replied, "because it's demeaning."

I suspect an altogether different reason.