Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Danger! Danger! Reality alert!

This is Winston:

Winston is a Nom De Plume for a Canadian based Pro-America Iranian neo-conservative, seeking a democratic regime change in Iran! Winston is also a supporter of the Global War on Terror & President Bush's policies in the middle-east.

And this is Winston coming dangerously close to having a clue:

hI think I have lost faith in US government's method of dealing with the Iranian regime.

Tune in next episode when Winston starts to wonder if killing tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians is really the best way to teach them democracy.


thwap said...

Cheney: "If we've lost Winston, we've lost one Canadian-Iranian conservative."

bushII: "SNNORRRRT!!! Huh, ... wha?"

Ti-Guy said...

Up until this point, I didn't even believe "Winston" was Iranian at all. Has anyone ever gotten the impression he speaks or understands Persian?

...I could be very mistaken about this. I don't read his blog regularly.