Friday, June 30, 2006

Compassionate conservatism, north-of-the-border style.

Oh, my ... now here's a CPC cabinet minister in the making:

Kate at SDA has a post up saying the Indians are planning an anti-Canada Day rally on July 1st. If they follow through with this shameful act of provocation the federal government should take action.

Because nothing says "brutal government crackdown" like holding a rally, does it?


thwap said...

What a contemptible shithead.

I checked out that blog. Hate and drivel. I checked out the moron's interests. Sports and camping and country music.

Yes. So obviously the stupid shit is well-versed to tell First Nations Peoples to wear condoms in order to prevent tuberculosis.

But you gotta love a face like that 'eh?

M@ said...

Oh yeah, this guy is the goods. Except...

Maybe four hundred years ago when settlers spread smallpox infested blankets, but not today.

Well that was less than two hundred years ago, and it was actually the British Army who did this, but his grasp of history is certainly enlightening.

The blatant hypocrisy of the Indians in this case is astounding. If they really do not believe they are part of Canada they should return all federal monies to the receiver general.

I'm sure if we returned all the land to them they'd be fine with that. See? That's what complicated problems like this require: simplistic solutions.

Ti-Guy said...

From the little I've read of that blog, that guy appears never to have read anything in his entire life. He pulls these assertions out of thin air and presents them as facts.

I think he's a little "touched."