Saturday, February 18, 2006

And this one's for the ladies.

This is just too precious not to share. I do know my wingnuts, don't I? (And remember ... this guy's married.)


GoodGrief said...

Congratulations on your amazing prediction. Can you give me some help with Lotto numbers?
If there is any justice, said specimen will be reincarnated as a woman, so he can find out first hand what it's like.

Shannon said...

Not everyone understands that the hormones present in birth control pills, shots and patches are effective treatments for certain female issues such as endometriosis. That does of homrones can mean the difference between living in pain and and being able to function normally, or for a woman with a chemical imbalance, the difference between living normally and constantly fluctuating mood variances that often motivate a woman to either contemplate (or worse), to attempt suicide.

There are physical conditions that are helped immeasurably by birth control.

As for Plan B: speaking as a rape survivor, I definitely relate to the additional terror that comes after the rape when you wonder if the man who brutalized you has also made you pregnant. Plan B can provide a measure of security at a time when a woman is suffering from trauma. I know if it had been available when it happened to me, it definitely would have eased some of the fear and anxiety I felt.

Shannon said...

OOPS - typos abound today. I meant 'dose of hormones'.

GoodGrief said...

Shannon, I went throught the same anxiety after my attack, and agree that had said pill been available then, the overwhelming onslaught of emotions would have been much more bearable. The fear is crippling, without the added stress of potential pregnancy.
I don't often write about it, too many horrible, painful memories. That's why I hope the speciman is reborn as a woman and goes through every experience that I and too many other women have survived.

Shannon said...

I'm not defending his opinion on this, the comment about understanding was made to motivate. Being motivated to do some research on the internet, via medical book or speaking to a doctor would be helpful in learning what the health benefits of birth control are.

Also I do agree with you about the reincarnation thing. I've wished that upon my rapist many, many times. Most men simply can not relate to the trauma and terror inflicted by that act.

For what it's worth, I hate that it happened to you. I used to think it didn't happen all that often, but the more time I spend on the internet, the more women I find who have experienced it.

Grog said...

Well - just to put it all in perspective, there are still a fair number of people whose views on women suggest that they have calluses on their hands from walking.

Like this waste of skin, space and rations


So, the complete lack of understanding about what "Plan B" is, how it works and the attenuate moral and ethical implications is perhaps less than shocking. (Depressing, though)

Shannon said...


I know from being married to a conservative christian man in the past that they have an agonizingly harsh, neanderthal mentality when it comes to women, but that...that's just horrible.

Add to that the fact that he's a child pronographer, and it becomes so revolting that even the use of the word 'revolting' could never adequately describe him.

That guy is (pardon the language) one sick fuck.

grog said...


Agreed. There's a certain irony in that "contract" - it talks about attending church - somehow, I think the author may have missed something in a sermon or two...