Thursday, October 27, 2005

At least I can say I knew him when.

Yes, it seems so long ago when I gave an off-the cuff recommendation to a then-obscure little blog. And look where he is now: two CBA nominations, for "Best New Blog" and "Best Personal Blog."

Dude, don't forget all us little people. Dude? Hey! Oh, well ...

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pretty shaved ape said...

hey cc. i have to say that without your nod and the subsequent spike in my traffic, that chances are good that i wouldn't be enjoying the lavish lifestyle i now lead. what's more, i still find that yours is one of the sites that i visit pretty much daily for crispy insights and inspiration. so i offer you my thanks and appreciation and i look forward to the next round of pummeling that you dole out to weaselboy. who would have guessed that k-w would produce two such scrappy little blogs? cheers.