Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sports cynicism for the holiday season

Yes, it's still crazy busy around here, but I'm curious -- is there anyone who could possibly care less than me about baseball's current revelations about players who (Gasp! Shock! Horrors! Whatever will we tell the children?) took performance-enhancing drugs? Is this really the end of baseball's age of innocence? And who really gives a fuck? Seriously. Some of these dingbats really need to get a life.

UPDATE: Apparently, I'm too cynical and pessimistic for my own good, as all of those pressing concerns like global terrorism, the environment, the raging deficit, homelessness, Social Security and the millions of uninsured Americans have all been solved to the extent that Sen. John McCain can take the time to fret over steroid-enhanced baseball players.

If you're a fan of John McCain's, come over here for a minute. I just want to slap you.

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