Thursday, December 23, 2004

Black TV commentator to air travellers: Lighten up, OK?

Just flipping past CNN (and, yes, the quicker you can do that, the better off you are generally), and I caught a black commentator, clearly defending the aggressive and often rude searches of air travellers by TSA personnel by saying something like, "It's all about safety, so travellers just have to learn to lighten up."

Interesting attitude -- that in the name of safety, one should be prepared to sacrifice one's dignity. I wonder how that same commentator would react if someone (and I'm not saying who, just saying) that all blacks should be stopped on the highway and searched since, hey, it's all in the name of fighting drugs and, well, better safe than sorry, etc., etc.

Do these idiots even listen to themselves??


lily* said...

do they have such a capacity?

Jay Gatsby said...

Are you trying to say that th airlines are being racist toward blakcs in there searches? I wonder if your entire family died in a terrorist attack....would you sacrifice your personal dignity to stop it from happening again? Oh, but wait, you don't have any.