Sunday, September 12, 2004

Oh ... so THAT'S where all those WMDs went

Dear neo-con, right-wing sympathizer:

Frustrated by the lack of WMDs in Iraq? Taking abuse from your liberal friends about the totally bogus rationale for the invasion, the 1000+ dead American military personnel and the exploding cost of the no-end-in-sight occupation?

No problem. As you can read here, North Korea may very well have just test detonated a nuclear device. And while any sane human being with a functioning brain stem might see this as a somewhat worrying development, you can use it to your advantage, by claiming that this is just proof that Saddam had WMDs all along and snuck them out of the country to North Korea before he got caught.

The neo-con movement. Using bad judgment and utter illogic to turn bad news into a winning argument every time.

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