Monday, September 06, 2004

Coming soon -- that inevitable October surprise

As a short followup to my last post, if there was any hope that John Kerry could mount a furious comeback to make this election competitive, you know, of course, that this administration absolutely has to have an "October surprise" waiting in the wings to simply wipe Kerry off the front page. And what would that be?

Amusingly, a number of web sites are actually doing surveys of what seems most likely, and it's not like this administration doesn't have enough choices. Pick a surprise -- any surprise:

- Osama bin Laden captured (if he isn't in custody already)
- gas prices "unexpectedly" drop (thanks to those obliging Saudis)
- WMDs conveniently found in Iraq
- major terrorist attack within the United States
- Bush administration announces another military strike (Iran? North Korea? Syria? those socialist bastards in Canada?)

Take your pick. Any one of these will effectively erase John Kerry from the news. Bets, anyone?

UPDATE: What delicious timing. OPEC Head Sees Oil Price Drop Soon. Does it get any more predictable than this?

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